Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portland State Student Blogs for the Study Abroad Course

Updated to bring this to the front of the page. I continue to use this to keep track of the students and their work. I am expecting the students on the Portland State University Study Abroad course to produce all of their information electronically via their blog. We have a number of assignements prepared. Here's the list of blogs.

Brian: http://halfthefun.net/
Will: http://wrfarley.blogspot.com/
Pam: http://eurobikegeek.blogspot.com/

Sam: http://smonsef.blogspot.com/
Kirk: http://www.pedalportland.org/blog/
Kate: http://katepetak.wordpress.com/
Ian: http://eotrout.blogspot.com/

We're not the only Oregonians in the Netherlands studying this summer. Marc Scholossberg has a group of students from the University of Oregon and Portland State. Their blogs are online at: http://2011bikesabroad.blogspot.com/

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