Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bicycle and Pedestrian Indications

Here's another example of a traffic signal for peds and bikes. I learned yesterday that the reason they show a yield sign on the bike signal pole is in case the signal fails it reinforces the control at the intersection is to be yield, similar to our red flash intersection and the instructions that you must stop at a traffic signal that is dark. Several notable things here.
The intersection of Amstelveenseweg and Theophile de Bockstraat
  There are pedestrian indications on every single slice of concrete at the intersection. In reality, this is a four stage crossing for pedestrians with a crossing of the bicycle traffic (what would be right turning traffic in the U.S. (on the right of the picture), the traffic coming from the left (just after the yield and bicycle indication), the through traffic and the right turning traffic on the other side. There is a push button detector for cyclists for that second ped crossing.
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