Sunday, July 10, 2011

American Style Left Turn in Amsterdam

I came across this left turn today on a tour of Amsterdam.
The left turn lane is certainly long enough to queue up a lot of bikes. I wonder if they built this because they had the space. The left turn detection is via push button, which seems odd to me because of the location (the pole has already been hit at least once) and they have used detection in many instances I have observed.

The detection in the right most lane seems like it was formally in the travel lane and they reduced the number of lanes or eliminated the left turn lane for autos.

It has been the City of Portland's policy to signalize every crossing of light rail and most streetcars, but that's something that we may relax when they are simple intersections. Amsterdam clearly has many locations without crossings and several I have seen where there is just a tram warming sign. There weren't many cyclists at this location , but it was a Sunday morning, so perhaps the City was still waking up at this point.
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