Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ikea just like any other

One of the primary reasons to travel is to have new experiences. We're staying next to an Ikea and it makes me reflect back on the one trip I made while working as a consultant for Costco. The trip was back in 2004 or so and I was travelling to Mexico City to review several Costco sites, specifically to identify traffic signal "improvements" or widening actions that were being requested by the local agencies. Most of the recommendations were based on standard American engineering practices, which is to estimate the number of new vehicle trips, assuming worst case conditions and unlimited supply of vehicle parking spaces, traffic capacity for the surrounding street system, and a booming economy. The last issue identified there doesn't fit, but the first two are totally within the local jurisdictions control.

I remember being in the Costco in Mexico City and recognizing everything. The cash register layout, the shelfing, the advertisements as you leave the facility. It was like a little slice of suburban America was shipped south and translated into the Spanish language.

A little more on the experience at the Family Blog.

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