Saturday, January 10, 2009

Portland's New Leadership

I attended the new mayor's inauguration party on Monday and you know the leadership is going to be different when the entertainment begins with March Fourth (the performance marching band) and followed up by the singing of Storm Large, and Luis from Sesame Street accompanied by the piano of Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini. They sang a song from Sesame Street which was a little surreal. This was followed by a performance by Wanderlust Circus and their self described freaks.

The promise of the next 100 days looks good, there will be a definite focus on transportation and I am looking forward to being a part of it.


1. Develop a four-year strategic vision for Portland’s transportation investments and infrastructure
a. Appoint a Transportation Cabinet
b. Initiate development of a strategic transportation investment plan as a component of the Portland Plan
c. Advocate for federal stimulus package
d. Conduct a snow and ice storm readiness assessment for the city and region; develop a plan of action for future efforts and investment
e. Provide leadership and support to secure passage of a transportation funding package at the State Legislature
2. Expand Portland’s transit network to provide transportation options and leverage development opportunities
a. Identify the local funding match necessary to secure federal funds for the Milwaukie to Portland light rail line
b. Release the draft of city-wide Streetcar System Plan
c. Advance the funding and development of a new Eastside Streetcar line
3. Enhance the safety and accessibility of bicycling for everyone
a. Announce the release of an updated Bicycle Master Plan for the city
b. Unveil the City’s first Cycle Track in a high-visibility, high-use location to promote safety and increase bicycle use
c. Identify 15 miles of Bicycle Boulevards for implementation in 2009
d. Complete the next link in the Bike Boulevard network on N Wabash, connecting N Willamette Blvd to the bike path along the Columbia River
e. Deliver on-street bike parking corrals in four or more high-demand locations
4. Improve safety and mobility on Portland’s roadways
a. Promote state legislation to give cities jurisdiction over speed limits within city limits
b. Identify funding for high-priority arterial paving projects
c. Support a Columbia River Crossing bridge project that truly serves Portland’s needs and interests
i. Achieve a high-quality, aesthetically appealing bridge design that is appropriate for Portland’s “front door”
ii. Secure world-class bicycle and pedestrian accommodations on (and accessing) the bridge
iii. Ensure the bridge supports the city’s land use and transportation goals as set out in the Portland Plan
d. Prioritize projects that offer high-impact improvements for moving freight
5. Showcase “green” transportation technologies
a. Develop a “Get Charged Portland” strategy to increase electric car availability and use

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