Monday, January 19, 2009

DC Bike Share

While at the TRB meeting, I had a meeting with DDOT to discuss the Transit Signal Priority project we have been reviewing for WMATA and I stumbled upon one of the Bike Stations that DC has set up as a rental system. This is set up to mimic what Paris did with the Velib.
  I heard several criticisms of where the stations are and about the bikes, but you know what I can't criticize. I am glad they went ahead with it. It is brought to the City by Clear Channel and I am not sure of what the relationship is (did the City pay them for this?), but all things considered, if it gets people on bikes, I am supportive of the concept.
  That being said, I think there membership is a bit prohibitive, especially for visitors which seems to be a nice market, so I hope they review that part of the system.
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