Monday, January 19, 2009

Greening the Games

Building off that last post, I almost forgot something I noticed on Friday as we were walking in Downtown Boise. The City is preparing for the Special Olympics World Winter Games and as a part of that event, they are asking that athletes and fans leave "no record on our environment". With the help of partners likeWal-Mart, Idaho welcomes international athletes to eat locally, ride green and recycle. Once again, I don't want to be too cynical, but I am really curious about what Wal-Mart is doing to make a difference in their stores. Green must be the new black in the marketing circles. It is interesting to see the condo development advertisement going up behind this, which is part of greening the City. Perhaps they can put a Wal-Mart in the ground floor of the building and give the City a supermarket for the residents they hope to attract.
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