Thursday, June 19, 2014

Potholes of Chicago

I took enough photos of potholes in Chicago during our 11 mile ride today that I could put together a 12 month calendar for the American Paving Association. There were all sorts of different types. One question I asked was whether pavement quality was a big issue for the City with the media criticizing consistently. Staff indicated it wasn't a major concern, but it was something they were working to address. I did a quick google search and found the following article, which seemed more positive than the stories we would get from the Oregonian. 

Chicago's pothole season was worse than average apparently (based on the article) and the article even cited the City's utility coordination efforts which saved $14 million last year.
Linear pothole

Pothole with a manhole patch?

A doozy

Radial pothole

Spiderweb pothole

Pothole replaces a curb
Contraflow bike lane potholes

Plate tectonic pothole

Median Utility Cut

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