Thursday, June 26, 2014

Old Infrastructure in Minneapolis tells our story - Save the Highway Trust Fund?

A visit to the neighborhoods of Minneapolis provided an opportunity to review some of the infrastructure that is common in big cities. There has been a lot of chatter about the Highway Trust Fund running out of money and the need for a reinvestment in our infrastructure. I agree with that knowing what I know about how our signals are falling apart because they are over 50 years old. Here's a few examples where infrastructure reinvestment in Minneapolis would reduce the likelihood of failure. 
Normally with a mast arm traffic signal pole,
there aren't wires aerially throughout the intersection.
It's likely the underground conduit has failed and
the overhead wiring is a substitute.  

This sort of wiring is not standard. I am hopeful that there aren't more examples like this. 

A combination traffic cabinet and signal pole.
Portland has none of these, so this must date back 50+ years.

This may be the longest linear pothole/crack that adds separation between the bike lane and the motor vehicle travel lane 

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