Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Not Street Seats, but Sidewalk Standing Bar in Minneapolis

In Minneapolis at Spyhouse Coffee, there is a creative use of the street furniture space that I was creative and worth mentioning. This is the location of Spyhouse that is on Nicollet at 25th. Pictures below tell the story. It is something that is inspired by the Portland Street Seats program, which has been popular. 

Frontage on Nicollet Avenue for Spyhouse Coffee

Lower volume E 25th Street, nice for outdoor seating and lingering

On the busier Nicollet Ave, with less space on the sidewalk,
the coffee bar was placed adjacent to the curb lane. 

The bar offers a spot to linger on the street without committing to pulling up a chair.
The bar was well constructed and offered a small respite on the street. 

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