Sunday, July 1, 2012

Freight Bicycle Delivery by Ikea

Our orientation for the students included a visit to the "local" IKEA in Delft.

In the parking lot of the store, we had a chance to view their newest bike truck which is rentable for 10 Euro for 2 hours. A bit pricey, but perhaps there's a discount if you're getting something at IKEA?

This two seater is set up in the ultimate social tandem (side by side) and would be useful to make sure your partner is still pedaling!   

The company that makes the two person Vracht fiets seems to have come up with a potential product that could meet the needs of the car free or car light family that only has the occasional need for a larger bike. A quick google search found that there is a global service for cargo bikesharing. Many of the cargo bikes are in Germany, but after scrolling across the Atlantic I found three in Portland. The home page for the company is:

This could be very helpful during a Bike Move or picking up bark mulch. I didn't determine whether it has a electric assist on the bottom, but it looks like it might have one in the enclosed box given the underside of the rear of the bike.  

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