Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Delft Day 1 - PSU Students at TU Delft

The first day of the PSU Netherlands course is complete. We had a great time getting oriented to the campus and sorting out bicycles that needed to be repaired. The following are a few photos from the lunch break. As is customary in Europe, most schools or colleges have a pub that is used to host lunches or going away parties, etc, so we took up the bar as good Portlanders would.
The weather couldn't have been nicer for the first day, sadly we weren't on the bikes much during the day, but this will clearly change as we're hosting the University of Oregon's program that is run by Marc Scholssberg. I am very much looking forward to the collaboration between the three programs today and the Sustainable Transprtation Tour of Delft.

Zef's Blog of the Day covering this day can be found herePosted by Picasa

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