Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 9 - Travelling to Houten

As we prepare to head out this morning, I reread the post by Brian Davis What Jane Jacobs Might Think of “Bike Heaven” « Half the Fun (± 49%) that reminded me of the uniqueness of Houten from an urban design perspective. I am looking forward to the trip and a visit to nearby Utrecht.
The train ride was extended by 30 minutes due to some construction on the tracks between Gouda and Wourden, so we had less time in Houten than they year before.
The presentation was summarized here BLOG Reference and after a brief lunch we prepared a map to highlight the key sites to see while in the community. Peter Furth summarzed the list of 19 things to see including the grade separated bike roundabout, the developments around the train stations (Castellum which is the new one and Centrum which is the Round), and many of the 15 undercrossings of the Ring Road (Rondweg).
The following website summarizes the 19 points of interest.

Here's a short summary of the design of Houten, circa 2003.

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