Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 2 - Pictorial Summary of the Sustainable Transportation Tour of Delft

The official blog of the day was submitted by Thomas Edlen. 
My bicycle while in the Netherlands.
I am staying on Rob Bertini's couch on this beautiful street in central Delft.
The view as you I pull out of the alley every morning! Fantastic.
The students on Day 2. 
The students are blown away by all the amazing infrastructure. 
Cycletrack crossing on Delftweg. Weg translates to road in Dutch.
Dutch right turn cycletrack slip lane. Notice there are no stop signs, very few anywhere in the entire country. 
Students returning from a day of touring (these folks are from U of 0).
Caffe Bertini at TU Delft is a coffee machine that offers the students free cappucino.
Sometimes one cup is not enough. 
Derek finds his disposable cup less than satisfactory.
Zef cares much more about the environment and is happier.
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