Friday, June 24, 2011

Bicycle Signal Sequence in Copenhagen

Side street movement active, all stopped on Torvegade: 8:48:08 AM
This is a series of photos that were taken at the intersection of Torvegade and Prinsessegade. This intersection is one of the more complicated because of the phasing. The design of the street network is very smart reserving the left turns at the intersection prior to the major transit station where additional green time is needed for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The system is basically constrained by these additional turn phases, but the relationship between the intersections is preserved because of this (the travel time is effects this relationship). I may need to rewrite this for clarity.

I also should put the times associated with each interval, but it is hard to do that in the Blogger interface.
Advance indication for bicycle traffic. 8:48:19 AM

Green for bikes, alert for vehicles 8:48:22 AM - 3 seconds later

8:48:28 AM - not sure I caught the exact time it went green (I have video of this too)

8:48:46 AM yellow for bikes, next interval is the right turn conflict across cycle track

8:48:50 AM - Right turn across cycletrack, stopped bicycles

8:49:02 AM yellow for right turn movement

8:49:07 AM Red for all Torvegade
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