Friday, June 24, 2011

Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Control

A few more observations of traffic control for multimodal applications. The first is the construction signage.
With as much traffic as they have, there is a particular need to keep things moving and thus there is significant costs associated with the efforts for maintaining a throughway. Even with the explicit signage, I saw a person on a bicycle coming the wrong direction, which with as many folks on the road as there are seems a challenging proposition.
The bicycle signage here shows routes for cyclists to take to get to a destination. I have seen such numbered signage work well in the area north of Amsterdam in the countryside and in the City of Austin, Texas. This is the first time I have seen the signs in Copenhagen, which makes me wonder if it is new and or comprehensive. The bicycle signal is a nearside location and you can compare that to the pedestrian indications which are farside. You be the judge on how well the ped indications work with longer and wider crossings. At this crossing between Tivoli and the City Hall Square there were multiple locations and additional indications in the median for pedestrian storage. Doing a little research about the route marking, I came across a great cycling routing website that is much more functional than or Google Maps routing.

Past all of the activity between that last intersection, the ped bike space is a little less chaotic and the construction provides a wonderful environment for users through this congested portion of the city. Its use was a little light at 3 PM and the City was very busy with traffic.
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