Thursday, June 9, 2011

DC Bicycle Signal with Leading Bicycle Interval

During the visit to DC, we had an opportunity to get out and see the new bicycle facilities at 16th Street NW. This board wasn't very easy to read with 12 point font when it is fairly dark at the intersection.

The bicycle signal served a contraflow movement on Florida Avenue NW, providing an early green start to the movement to queue jump into a bike box that would then continue north through the intersection with the 16th Street movement. This was an innovative use of an early green to provide accessibility for the contraflow lane where there wasn't the movement within the cycle length before. The movement happens in both directions as shown in the foam core board.

I didn't get a picture of the bicycle lane approach, but they had a detector in the pavement that would bring up the bicycle green.
The detection stencil had a "BIKES WAIT HERE" or something to that effect to provide some information about the operation of the signal. Very difficult to see in the night time, but similar to our signal at N Interstate & Oregon and Lloyd and Wheeler & Winning Way.
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