Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Traffic Control Devices on the East Coast Greenway Trail

I rode my rental bicycle on the East Coast Greenway Trail this morning prior to the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Devices to get geared up. It was a nice way to warm up to the full day of discussion about bicycle technical details that would be discussed throughout the day in what turned out to be 10 hours of discussion.

The first crossing that struck me was the solar powered circular beacons. These were frequent at some of the busier crossings on the corridor with the busy part being the vehicle traffic.

The lower volume crossings used a wide variety of non-uniform traffic markings and some signs that were against the state law, which in Maine is for people driving to yield to pedestrians (as opposed to coming to a complete stop).

The last photo on this post is my favorite. Use extreme caution. 
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