Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Right Turn Fietsers Sign

 I came across this photo from my travels in the Netherlands and am not sure that I understand its meaning. I believe it indicates that cyclists are green and that motorists may be crossing the right turning cyclist path to travel on the right side of people on bikes.

The lane striping provides some clue, and it could be that cyclists are encouraged to transition to the 2-way cycletrack on the farside of the intersection which would indeed conflict with a right turning vehicle. The sign and the contrasting colors is a little hard to read and I don't know that I understood this the first time I rode through the intersection, although it was unique enough to take a picture of, but I am an outlier on these sorts of observations.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

I believe this sign is purely to tell people on bikes to cross the road and join the two-way cycle path on the far side of the junction. It prevents cyclists from mistakenly turning hard right and ending up on the main road.

If the cycle light here is green, then there should be no motor vehicle traffic turning right anyway – they'd be held at a red signal.

Interesting blog, by the way! (I came here via your comment on mine.)