Sunday, October 14, 2012

Portland Traffic Signal Detector Confirmation Light for Bicycles - NE Martin Luther King Jr & Morris

One of the opportunities that I appreciate while working for the City of Portland is the chances we get to innovate in order to improve the transportation system. This Traffic Signal Detection Confirmation Light for Bicycles is one such innovation that was deemed "Intelligent" by BikePortland. Since we implemented this, we have made a few subtle modifications to improve on the original addition of a blue light that was wired into the detection at the traffic signal.  We added a red dot to the top of the bike stencil to clue people in that there is an association between this and the red traffic signal indication. There is a subtle blue dot next to the red paint, which is intended to remind users to look for the confirmation that they have been detected. 
The blue dot adjacent to the red indication is subtle.
The relationship between the stencil with red and the signal that is controlling the side street movement
A close up of the blue LED mounted to the signal head.

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