Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bicycle Right Turn Lane with Advisory Bicycle Lanes

   Completing the series of posts of Dutch practice with right turn lanes is a very different application in a setting that is more rural or perhaps suburban (a vacation area) in nature. The street features advisory bike lanes which is a nice treatment where there is quite a bit of traffic. A treatment that made this particular location unique was that there were auxiliary bike lanes developed to allow people on bicycles to leave the main travelway to make their turn at a lower speed. This offered a certain level of comfort, because the turn was onto a separate path for cycling and walking that was fairly narrow at the intersection. The right turn lane may also increase the safety of the facility with the unintended consequence of potentially increasing the speeds on the main street. No data to substantiate that so I wouldn't develop Guidelines on this sort of treatment, but it is a nice option to consider when building new infrastructure.
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Connie Villegas said...

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