Monday, January 23, 2012

TRB Day 2 : Traffic Signal Systems Committee Meetings

It was a TRB that I will never forget. It was on this day that I was named the TRB TSSC Chair. Reading that, it is a corny statement, but it is a nice achievement and I look forward to making a few changes here and there as I can. My play by play twitathon of the action is copied below.

Prior to that tweet, I had reported on the Signal Timing Subcommittee which is also provided below. I am not sure whether this is worthwhile or of interest to folks, but it does perhaps provide a little more exposure to signal timing efforts within TRB as a whole by using the hashtag "#" and the TRBAM which of course stands for TRB Annual Meeting. Referencing various folks doing the work ends up getting broader exposure and sharing the good news. It seemed to be a nice way to share and the younger folks seemed a bit more interested in the social media than the older professionals.

This whole use of Twitter is very much inspired by Mayor Sam Adams' dedication to the site, so if anything I should blame him for this. In all seriousness, it is helpful in remembering ideas and people, so I think long-term it is a good way to recall ideas (similar to blogging or journaling).

There was definintely a lot of interest in signal timing as exhibited by the last post of this binge tweeting session.

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