Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bicycle Commute Challenge Day 8 - Create a Commuter Still Going Strong

On Day 2, I reported on my guest commuter Charles Radosta who took up my challenge to bike in as a part of the Bicycle Commute Challenge. I am happy to report that he is still going strong on the ride in and is much more comfortable after 8 days of riding. I am excited that it's working out for him and it's fun to share the ride in as opposed to having the ride be the same route day in and day out.

Charles is starting out much like I did 15 years ago when I started commuting regularly in Texas A&M (at graduate school), he's wearing a heavy backpack complete with laptop (I had books) that would go much better in a pannier and he's been doing that on some hot evening rides. He's gotten pretty comfortable with the bike in a little over a week and it makes me think that there should be some late night infomercials promising results in just one week.

I am travelling next week and am hoping that Charles will keep it up when the threat of rain starts peaking in. If only his firm did a bicycle commuting cash incentive that matched their pre-tax transit and parking subsidy.

I guilted Kurt Krueger into riding in for the first time in his over five (or is it 7?) years at the City on Friday and he lived to tell about it. His kids thought he might have trouble on SW Barbur Boulevard, but it seemed to work out for him. There are a few engineers in Signals & Street Lighting that I am hoping get out soon and try it.
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