Monday, September 19, 2011

Bicycle Commute Challenge - Day 11

Team Signals and Street Lighting is topping the list of frequent riders. I am very proud of our group halfway through the Challenge!
What's really great is that a few of our staff were not riding before this month, so it is great to see so many miles being logged that we end up doing better than ever. The weather looks like it will hold up for this week, so with any luck we will sail into October with a new group of riders ready to support the bikeconomy by buying rain gear.
I know of three people that are brand new to the ride and I am hoping to get at least one more before the end. If only SW Barbur were a little less dangerous, a little more flat!
Posted by PicasaBike Commute Challenge Standings
As of Monday, Sept. 19th 15:00 hours - “If you don’t log ‘em  I can’t count ‘em”
Ø      Tuesday Sept 20th, noon-  1 pm  in the Broadway Room: Bike Stuff Swap – deals! deals! deals!

PBoT Downtown Total:  539 trips / 4,884 miles

Most Miles:
§         Peter Koonce (197)
§         Rob Burchfield  (195)
§         Jeff Smith (150)
§         Kate Petak (143) - SSL INTERN
§         David O’Longaigh (132)
§         Abra McNair (126)
§         Raphael Haou (124)
§         Anne Hogan (122) - SSL NEW RIDER (was previously)

Most Trips (round trip = 1):
§         Kate Petak (13)
§         Linda Ginenthal (13)
§         Peter Koonce (12)
§         Jeff Smith (12)
§         Anne Hogan (12)
§         Denver Igarta (12)
§         Noberto Adre (12)
§         Winston Sandino (12)
§         Bill Beamer (11.5)

100% Club(all work trips by bike):
Kate Petak (SSL), Anne Hogan (SSL) , Denver Igarta, Noberto Adre (SSL), Kirk McEwen, Chris Vigliotta, Timo Forsberg,  Debbie Meisinger, Dave Hatch (SSL), Jon Bates (SSL BOM) ,  Steve Hoyt-McBeth,  Taylor Sutton, Ryan Mace, Andrew Pelsma, Jeff Smith 

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