Friday, September 30, 2011

Bicycle Commute Challenge Day 21 - Number of Miles to Date

Here's the summary of the Bike Commute Challenge. I also rode a century this month, so I had a great month!

Congratulations to us all: PBOT downtown offices registered its highest Bike Commute Challenge rate ever: 27.5%!

I.          Team PBOT Downtown Highlights:
·         PBOT Downtown increased its bike commute rate by 35% over last year.
·         PBOT Downtown came in 2nd place in the Public Agency 100 -499 employees category (BPS was first w/ 36.6%)
·         PBOT Downtown repelled a challenge from the Director of PDC (17.9% commute rate).
·         Downtown PBOT beat BES (23.4%) for the first time.
·         Our 93 riders logged 1,208 bike trips, riding 10,623 miles.
·         Twenty-one (21) new PBOT riders logged bike trips. These first-timers had an amazing 55% bike commute rate!
·         Twenty-two (22) PBOT riders had perfect (100%) bike commute rates.

II.          AWARD Winners
  • PBOT Most Valuable Player:   Anne Hogan.
    • Anne was the Division Captain for Signals and Street Lighting, which had four new riders. Anne was also a new rider and biked 90% of the time. Anne will have personal use of Jeff Smith’s portable refrigerator for one week. Enjoy!
  • Bike to Japan Award:  Rob Burchfield
    • Rob (as he noted, at a spry 54) traversed the hills of Washington County to continue his long-distance dominance.
Rob Burchfield
330 miles
Truc Nguyen
315 miles
Peter Koonce
303 miles
  • Kong Award for Division with Highest Commute Rate:  Transportation Options. Here are the leading divisions:
BCC Commute Rate
Transportation Options
Transportation Planning
Project Management
Signals and Streetlighting

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