Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tokyo Transportation Observations

Variable message sign for arterial traffic. It appears to be displaying some sort of routing information.
The arterial are fairly wide, yet they seem to have very fine distinctions between these streets and when you enter into a neighborhood.
The intersections are fairly straight forward and similar to ours. The signal heads appear to be displayed quite a bit differently and I need to spend some time to sort out the horizontal display and the additional signal heads. It doesn't appear they use flashing yellow arrows (at least from what I can see thus far).
The following pedestrian indication shows a don't walk indication AND a relative time to Walk "countdown" the bars on the display to the right of the pedestrian indication show how long until it will go WALK. It also lights up only when the button is pushed, thus it is a nice confirmation that the call has been registered.
The freeway system is fairly well developed and is a mix between freeways, grade separated arterials, and busy streets.
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