Friday, July 9, 2010

Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet for Dutch Tram Line

On my trip to the Netherlands, I had a chance to speak to the Northeastern University class that spends a month at TU Delft.  
The class features several speakers from the local community and invited guests (like me) to have the students explore European transportation practices. The class I attended provided a tour of a new tram line and the development associated with that planning. On the tour, we ran into a crew that was working on implementing signal timing for the new tram line that was added. The people that I met were contractors with the electrician from Poland and the other technician did not talk much. It was difficult to communicate with them, but I did learn a little about the cabinet, the tram detection, and I got a peek inside the cabinet. There seems to be a lot to learn from the European experience.  
There are specific intersections on the Portland to Milwaukie line that might take directly from the practice used commonly in the Netherlands and Denmark. 
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