Thursday, December 6, 2007

Milwaukee, yes the one with Two Es and in December too.

I find myself in the City of Milwaukee. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, it is the home to Miller Brewing, and formally Pabst. I visited the Pabst Theater on my walk to the City of Milwaukee offices next to City Hall, which was a building covered in scaffolding. Milwaukee has some great architecture with old churches and great old buildings. Home to the Socialist movement in the early 1900s, it had three sociailist mayors from back in the day.

With its normal high being 33 and low of 19, it is living up to its average temeratures in what seems to pretty darn cold to me.

After the meeting, I got a ride from the hotel shuttle over to the Lakefront Brewery, which had a nice informal tour of their premises. Brewing just 9,000 barrels a year (that seams low) it is a decent operation, but as the tour guide said, they spill more beer on one shift at Miller than we make in a year. The tour had ample samples, but walking back I was careful not to partake too much. It was a cold run (did I say walk, no way in 23 degrees) back and I stopped multiple times to get warm and take in a bit of the scenerey. Some of my stops included the Water Street Brewery (seemed small), a book shop (great cluttered store, a little too much clutter though), and Rock Bottom Brewery. I decided not to eat at Rock Bottom and went back to Mo's Irish Pub for the third time (second time on this trip).

Going to watch the Bears game on TV (like a true Midwesterner) and maybe head to the coffee shop for some dessert.

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