Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas in America

Even in practically perfect Portland, the holiday season is upon us. The consumer culture is alive and well. IF only people would turn off their TVs to the normal crap.

I noticed a sign of the Apocalypse on Thrusday when looking through the paper and seeing that the Factory Stores were opening at midnight on Black Friday to get an early jump on the national chains like Kohl's that were waiting til 4 a.m. to give away their best holiday deals.

On second contemplation, I think it makes sense... if you're coming home from Family, you may just want to cleanse your holiday cheer with some shopping in the middle of nowhere.

I say all of this in gest becuase I sent Susan out with Emma and Dorreen and had a wallet and socks on my list of things she should get at the half off sale at Fred Meyer.

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