Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve at the Koonce Household

Just a slow day in Sellwood. Started off really slow, we had our Milwaukie neighbors over for a breakfast souflet that took two years off our lives. As we were trying to get together to get out and enjoy a little of that sunshine, we were greeted by a holiday elf that helped us decide to go down to the Park for a little play time with neighbors Katy and Lucy. We met Niko and his sister (forgot her name) and had a great old time although it was pretty cold. Susan was a baking queen and I tried to help by ruining some of the bread. Emma came over with Jack and I went shopping at the local shops for some last minute gifts and groceries. We had a good day with the girls, Abby put out treats for Santa and Amelia had fun putting on her new Curious George pajamas, a Koonce Tradition. I am eating too many sweets and Susan is making enchilladas for tomorrow's Christmas dinner at her folks. It was strange that we did not do the Estacada trip today (they were starting too late for the kiddos), but I guess that's what happens when you grow up with your kids.
Listening to some of the old Christmas Carols, Merry Christmas Baby by Springsteen is on and Elvis is always a favorite :)
Surfed a little to my favorite biking websites and found the Bike Carols on the Shift 2 Bikes site (very clever, I like clever people). Planning to ride on New Year's Eve, hopefully I am feeling up for it and the weather is decent (it is a family friendly ride)!

Off to assemble enchiladas...

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