Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Transit Signal Priority and Me

I am putting on a Webinar for the Institute of Transportation Engineers next week. We had a trial run of the technology today. The presentation was mostly put together and I tested it at Portland State University (covering for Rob Bertini in his class today). I had to come up with a quiz and that was interesting, sort of like teaching my summer course.

I spent a little time googling the various transit signal priority documents that are available on the web and I wonder how many engineers and planners learn what consultants and others have done by doing that. I am sure the future generation of engineers are much more saavy about that then the more established folks of my age.

It could be something I learned about in graduate school, the fact that there is usually someone else that has information out there and when you have something to contribute it isn't always very clear what it is to others. What's significantly important is how you craft your message and how you communicate. Something to work on.

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