Monday, August 19, 2013

Tour of the Shenzhen Traffic Management Center

We were told that the bottom line says: Multimodal TMC 
As a part of the CICTP conference, we were afforded an opportunity to visit the Shenzhen Multimodal Traffic Management Center. The TMC was in what looked like a bus garage, but it looked like all of the employees drove to work.
The operations of a City of 15 Million requires a large TV screen to make sure you are getting the management activities right. Kidding aside, it was an impressive set of screens across the room and must have been 20 feet high.

GPS data from buses looks like L.A. DOT's system
The TMC gets information from many sources. The sources include security cameras, traffic survelliance, GPS transponders from taxis and buses (picture to the left), freeway speed (picture above) and flow detectors, and freight data from the ports and the ships in the harbor (picture below).

The TMC was impressive as most of them are, we wouldn't tour them if they were not going to have something to look at. One piece of feedback is that I wonder if the point of the TMC is for actual operations or more symbolic. It did seem like they had a good number of people working on code for their public information applications, they have one called "Traffic In Hand" that is available and it includes data and info on all modes including some of their bicycle shops that are available.
Freight shipping is tracked at the TMC

The TMC also provides a dispatch function for pictures that are sent in by the public whth requests to fix things (sort of like the Portland ap - PDX Reporter) which is nice for citizens to be able to help the City do its job even though there are times when the system is used incorrectly.

Video feeds from a wide variety of transit hubs.
They get a lot of survelliance video from the airports, train stations, etc (4059). All of the screens are linked to the workstations. We saw a lot of video cameras throughout the City while we were there and it wasn't clear whether they all come back to the TMC. If they are like the Portland version, there are different departments that have their own systems and they are not totally integrated, but that could be a thing of the past with shared communication systems and technology advances.

The most interesting application was that they have all of the taxis connected with either a 2.5 or 3G cellular connection, so at any point they can pull up where a taxi is and what the most recent fares of the car have been. The polling rate was definitely sub minute level, so that they have a pretty good sense of travel times where the taxis are similar to the NYC Midtown in Motion project.
Taxi Automatic Vehicle Location system for fare checking provides
information on what the last fares were for each driver in the system.

The Traffic In Hand ap also includes information about parking lots, bus stops, and other transit information including information on escalators in the stations .

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