Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bikes & Cars in Bejing China

The signage in China uses some unique elements that in the U.S. are a bit uncommon. The lane signage shows the separation of bikes and vehicle lanes (represented by the fence) with a solid line on the sign. The bike sign on the over head mast arm is supported by the post mounted sign which is at the fence. This particular street was a frontage road adjacent to the freeway in Beijing. The signal heads are over to the right which is not compliant with the MUTCD and I would be curious whether there is any significance to the location of the post mounted bicycle signal head and the two that are on the arm other than the need to provide some redundancy in case one of the red indications is out. 
A few other observations is that there does not seem to be confusion between the bicycle signal display and the vehicular signal heads, as is sometimes described in the U.S. that could be that they used to have more bicycle traffic then they appear to have today, so most people are aware of what the bicycle indication is in reference to the other movements at the intersection.Posted by Picasa

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