Friday, January 4, 2013

TRB Traffic Signal Systems Committee Meeting Agenda

Traffic Signal Systems Committee Meeting

Marriott Wardman Park – Wilson B&C

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Peter Koonce, Chair              Susan Langdon, Secretary            Larry Head, Past Chair

1:30 PM   Welcome, Introductions, Approval of Minutes 

1:45 PM   TRB Report, Rich Cunard

1:55 PM FHWA Reports, Eddie Curtis, Paul Olson, Rick Denney

2:15 PM  Task Force/Subcommittee Reports

            *NEW Subcommittees are underlined *
TRB Paper Review – Larry Head/Peter Koonce
Best Paper – Paul Olson
Infrastructure Performance Measurement/Asset Management – Paul Olson
Multimodal- Kevin Lee
Simulation – Brian Park
Signal Timing – Jim Powell *NEW Chair*
Technology & Standards -  Doug Gettman
Research – Alex Stevanovic *NEW Chair*

3:00 PM  NCHRP Update – Ray Derr

            Research Problem Statement feedback (tie to Alex Stevanovic Subcommittee)
Short presentation by contractor of NCHRP 3-103 - Tom Urbanik

3:30 PM Break

3:50 PM  Multimodal Signal Research – Larry Head

Short presentation on recent research and deployment of Connected Vehicle

4:10 PM  Highway Capacity Quality of Service – Janice Daniel

            New features in the Urban Streets Chapter, future research

4:25 PM  2013 Summer Meeting Workshop – Peter Koonce

            Refinement of topics to be discussed, solicitation of field trip ideas

4:40 PM  Triennial Strategic Plan – Peter Koonce

5:00 PM  Other Business – Peter Koonce

E-mail in advance if you have an item to share

5:30 PM  Adjourn

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