Monday, November 28, 2011

Barriers to Sustainable Transportation

Googling this title brings up the following from the University of Michigan

Making transportation more sustainable at the operations level has certain benefits. However, usually operations-level improvements are targeted at making vehicle traffic more efficient - reducing delay and congestion and improving travel times.  It can be argued that an operations approach to sustainability is only treating the symptoms, but not the cause.  Causal strategies to effect mode choice, shorten trips, or eliminate vehicle trips altogether requires solutions that address land use and development.  There are a number of strategies and tools that are available to planners and designers to improve transportation sustainability at the development level.  This presentation will look at these tools and categorize the good, better and best practices.

Then there is this older document on TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION which would be good to use for this Information Report of the Institute of Transportation Engineers that I am reviewing.

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