Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shift's Breakfast on the Bridges

One of my favorite events in Portland is Breakfast on the Bridges. I stop in most last Fridays because it is on the way to work and it's a great time to connect with community.
This Friday was particularly awesome because there were pancakes and bacon in addition to the usual coffee and Voodoo doughnuts. The SHIFT version of a food cart was well organzied and delivered tasty pancakes cooked to order.
The cook was well equipped through the cargo bike and all of the various folks that helped put on the event.
I was a little disappointed that the syrup wasn't homemade or organic, there were plastic forks, and they ran out of fruit. I mean if you're going to do things right, they should do the job completely (kidding).
The Voodoo doughnuts are always a nice touch. There are many people behind SHIFT, but the most visible person that I know is Steph Routh. She's won several awards recently recognizing how much she does for the community and has been such a pleasure to get to know over the past four or five years. As the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition Executive Director, she serves dual duty during Breakfast on the Bridges, welcoming people of all modes to join us at the table for a nice cup of coffee in a patented Goodwill mug. It's another example of the integration of bikes, sustainability, and community minded fun that I enjoy when I stop every month.
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