Sunday, November 14, 2010

Understanding a Bike Box, Training Cyclists

I was on a ride this morning and went through SE 39th & Clinton, where there is a bike box in the eastbound direction. The trouble we had was a female cyclist with a brand new bike was hanging out right behind a vehicle that was waiting at the signal. The driver was sitting in the lane after the green and they were very concerned about moving with the cyclist there, they were trying to avoid a right hook crash.

When I rolled up, I said "I think they are waiting for you" and she seemed to nod in agreement.... but wasn't quite ready to go ahead and pass the vehicle, so in this case I passed by and kept going with her side by side since it was a 6' bike lane.

The encounter made me think about how we educate the cyclists and it made me think we should have a document that could be handed out with new bike purchases.

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