Thursday, November 25, 2010

FHWA IntelliDrive Mobility & Environment Working Group

Next week will take me back to the spiral of national transportation research. I am headingout on Sunday to attend the FHWA's IntelliDrive Mobility & Environment Workshop as a member of the Federal Transit Administration's IntelliDrive Steering Group. There are some great Day One applications coming out of the IntelliDrive program that can improve safety and efficienty for transit. When the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration program was initiated back in 2006, I was working a lot with transit agencies on signal priority and thought why not public agency vehicles for Day One installation as opposed to the challenges of working with the auto manufacturers. It seemed like a reach to get installation and privacy concerns addressed in the near-term five year roll out of that program. It may be less of an issue as technology evolves, but working with a transit agency investing in technology that might reduce government costs speaks to me as something with a payback.

I am combining the trip with a day visit to New York City to discuss their experience with bike signals, pedestrian innovation, and how they're using their traffic signals for sustainability. It's a huge spectrum of questions, but with what we're trying to achieve in Portland, it will be nice to find if there are peers that I can work with in the future.
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