Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Bike

There was a contest at the City of Portland to have cyclists come up with reasons they bike.
Here was my submission.

10. Biking allows my car to develop really cool spider webs between the rear view mirror and the door.
9. Allows me to justify all the bike gear.
8. Makes the rest of the time indoors seem like a treat.
7. Gives you a reason to question your own sanity (a couple of the last days in particular).
6. Less congestion in the bike lane than in the summer.
5. Reduces the cost of getting Transit Tracker active on my phone.
4. Faster than walking.
3. Makes me laugh when I hear someone say "Drill, baby, Drill"
2. The view of wildlife from the Springwater Trail beats the view of strip development from McLoughlin Boulevard.
1. It makes the morning coffee taste that much better.


Boudartj said...

#10 and #5 are awesome, true, and funny.

Here is one of my joy's I think you might enjoy:

Taking a huge downtown lane with only one bike myself
The mad bicycle rush after the Hawthorne bridge is lowered


pkoonce said...

You need to go the Netherlands. Although, if you did, would you ever come back?