Saturday, October 18, 2008

Organized City Bike Rides

I was just thinking about the next organized bike ride we'll do and was doing some quick research and found the following:

New York: Bike in all 5 Boros - 42 miles (first Sunday in May - 45,000)

Austin to Shiner: Great Austin to Shiner Pedal - 90 miles, okay not a City ride, but one in Austin to a brewery is worth noting. (first Sundy in May - 1,500)

Chicago: Lakeshore Drive is shut down - 30 miles (last Sunday in May - 20,000)

Montreal: Not a lot of information (Early June)

Portland: Bridge Pedal Second Sunday in August - 18,000

Los Angeles: River Ride June 8 (thanks Jake!)

San Diego: Bike the Bay - (September 7th, 2,000 riders)

Baltimore: Puts on Tour De Port - (First Sunday in October - 1,500)

Long Beach: Marathon route (Second Sunday in October - 26 miles)

Round Rock, TX:, special exception for a Texas Ride - third Saturday in October

I know these folks have rides, but they don't seem to do advance notice for them...(for anyone reading this, tell your local ride organizer to make a website that works 365 days a year).
Washington DC:

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