Monday, December 29, 2014

Year in Review 2014 edition - in the Media

There was quite a lot going on this year in terms of media coverage of the work that I was involved in. Here's the list that I pulled together for my annual review at the City.

In March, I had a conversation with Steve Duin, one of the most respected columnists in the U.S. when he did a nice column on Jaywalking in Downtown Portland by Steve Duin, Oregonian

In April, there was a nice post where I was compared to Sauron, Innovation of Detector Confirmation Lights, Joseph Rose, 

In May, I was Appointed to NCUTCD by APBP and they had a nice post on their website. 

In June, I had a nice time talking with @BikePortland, @anomalily, & @andersem Science of Traffic Signals, from Bike Portland Podcast

In July, the @pdxcommute covered an reader question on signal timing in downtown Portland: Walking article, Joseph Rose, Oregonian

In October, our street lighting project hit the front page of the Portland Tribune: LED Street lighting conversion, by Peter Korn, Portland Tribune

In November, Jonathan Maus had a nice article on Ask BikePortland related to traffic signals and leading pedestrian intervals and the use of these intervals by people on bicycles. 

Last but not least, a trip to Boise had me in the pages of the Boise Weekly, as I discussed the DNA of City Streets associated with a visit to Boise State University

In other news, I was awarded with the Van Wagoner Award for Best Paper in the ITE Journal in 2014 after writing an article with David Vega-Barachowitz and Michael Flynn.

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