Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bicycle Detection Confirmation "Blue" Light

The addition of new equipment in the traffic signal world is not easy. The City has a new section in its special provisions that allow a designer to provide a blue light with the intent to use that as a bicycle detection confirmation light. 

Here's the specific language that is in the traffic signal special provisions:

02925.66 Blue Bicycle Detection Confirmation Light – Provide light that:

Contains two circuits of 23 high intensity 5mm LEDs that can be powered independently or simultaneously.

LEDs employ InGaN die chemistry for blue color.

Have a viewing angle of 30°.

All electronics are enclosed in a liquid tight black ABS plastic housing.

Internal circuit board coated to protect from condensation and corrosion.

Black powder-coated alumimum angle mount.

Shall be designed for operation at 120 V AC, 20 ma per channel.

The power consumption shall be 2.6 W maximum per channel.

Operating temperature range shall be from -40° F to 120° F.

The warranty shall be three (3) years or more.

(Use the following lead-in paragraph and subsection .68 on projects when new vehicle signals or new pedestrian signals are required.  Check with Signal Designer before using.)

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