Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Accomplishments Related to Bicycles in Portland

A recent member of the Portland Transportation Twitterati queried about what the agency's best bike project was in 2013. It made me think about what accomplishments we have made with Traffic Signals in the past year (specifically related to bicycle traffic).

  1. Implemented a new bike signal at SW 5th & Jackson associated with Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail construction. That project has taken up a lot of our staff time. 
  2. Implemented Bicycle/Bus Signal at 5th & Broadway 
  3. Edited Bicycle Signals language for the consideration of the Federal Highway Administration's inclusion in the next edition of the MUTCD.
  4. Incorporated bicycle detection confirmation (blue lights) at several traffic signals focused on bicycle traffic. 
  5. Retimed traffic signals for NE Multnomah in support of cycletrack on the corridor.
  6. Implemented pedestrian push buttons on N Vancouver & Williams to improve north-south capacity for multimodal traffic.
  7. Initiated evaluation of bicycle warning sign (NE Grand and Couch)
  8. Tested bicycle specific detection at SE Cesar Chavez & Lincoln (multiple technologies)
  9. Implemented SE 14th contraflow bicycle lane between SE Bybee and Llewellyn School 
  10. Implementing 4" nearside signal head at Rosa Parks (still awaiting repaired signal) 
  11. Supported roadway reorganizations with technical analysis for PBOT projects on NE Glisan and SE Division to support improved safety (bicycle lanes were added on SE Division)
This sort of reflection is helpful, it's time to set some goals for 2014. I should go through this process for every mode.

There's a lot of work that happens that is just day to day making traffic signals better for people on bicycles. Today, I fielded a complaint that I have visited before on my bicycle, but figured that not many people use that street, so it wasn't worth fixing if I was the only one using the street via bicycle. Well, the customer is always right and in this case, there is a really minor change that can be made to make the signal "accessible" for someone on a bicycle (the signal head wasn't visible from someone in the bicycle lane AND there wasn't detection in the bicycle lane). 

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Alexis said...

I am thankful for all your hard work, and your willingness to go out and see whether you can make things better in dozens of small ways. Every time I cross the street at NW 4th and Glisan I appreciate the fix you made there at my request, when I was still on crutches.