Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First TRB Paper - 15 years ago

I am celebrating an anniversary of sorts that happened 15 years ago. In 1998, on this day, I was busy working on the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting paper deadline (August 1st every year as every graduate student in the U.S. can probably tell you) and produced the following paper:

 Koonce, P. J. V, T. Urbanik, and D. Bullock. Evaluation of Diamond Interchange Signal Controller Settings by Using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation. In Transportation Research Record 1683. Transportation Research Board. Washington D.C., 1999, pp. 59-66.

It was a very auto oriented research document on traffic signal settings and I really had my heart into the research at the time. I was fascinated with the concept of exploring how traffic signals worked and how I was going to make lives better by reducing traffic congestion at diamond interchanges. There were no pedestrians let alone bicycles in College Station at the SMART Diamond interchange at Highway 6 and Harvey Road.

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Tonight, I am collaborating with researchers related to topics as diverse as air quality assessments of adaptive traffic signal control, thermal imaging detection cameras for bicycle traffic, and effects of traffic signal phasing for bicycle travel. A pretty diverse set of topics still with the common theme of traffic signals.

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