Friday, March 8, 2013

Transportation Performance Measures

I posted this to the ITE Listserv this morning:

The Portland Metropolitan area has been working on creating arterial performance measures by using data from our traffic signals and other sources (Bluetooth, transit AVL, etc) to monitor the transportation system performance. We're interested in learning from others on their experiences of producing arterial performance measures.

Transit AVL data
Bluetooth data
All Data from an Arterial
 (Data Capture from a variety of sources on a corridor) 

We have also used a limited amount of adaptive control and are familiar with the performance measures of some of those systems. 
1. What are the best ways to integrate these data sources? 
2. What is the tradeoff between the number of MAC and other roadside readers and performance measure 
3. How can bus transit and traffic signal data be integrated to improve arterial performance measures?

I am hoping to hear from practitioners that have implemented systems and how they have used their traffic signal system to produce some of these measures. This might also help us in preparing our Summer meeting workshop for the Transportation Research Board Committee on Traffic Signal Systems which is coming to Portland in July. 

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