Thursday, May 17, 2012

Copenhagen Cycletrack Part 2

Just a few more photos from the other side of the street. This particular location didn't have any provisions for left turning cyclists, so a simple Copenhagen hook turn was made at this location. The woman on the right hand side is looking for an opportunity when the signal is green for the side street to cross the busy cycletrack. The second photo in this group shows the bus in the background a little better and the waiting area being used by four passengers.

The notion of sharing space is clearly practices by the Danes at this location every day and it seems to work. Again, the sidewalk is a different texture than the cycletrack and the waiting area. THe second photo also shows poles in the buffer area that are very close to the travel lane. The maintenance staff at the City would frown on that treatment and it is clearly a tradeoff of accessibility of the signal and the visibility of the indication. The second photo shows the waiting area resulting in a wider cycletrack where people on bicycles can pass slower moving people.
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