Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bicycle Signals in the California MUTCD

People on bicycles using traffic signals in Portland, OR
This is a great example for what a MUTCD for Bikes would look like. Unfortunately, we don't have this in Oregon. We're working on it. Hopefully, leadership at the state level will support this sort of innovation, recognizing bicycles as an important element of the transportation system.

Section 9D of the California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices states:

Section 9D.01 Application
Part 4 contains information regarding signal warrants and other requirements relating to signal
For purposes of signal warrant evaluation, bicyclists may be counted as either vehicles or pedestrians.
Also refer Part 4 of this Manual for highway traffic signals, in particular:
•  Section 4C.102(CA) – Bicycle signal warrants.
•  Section 4D.104(CA) – Bicycle Signals.
•  Section 4D.105(CA) – Bicycle Detectors.
Section 9D.02 Signal Operations for Bicycles
At installations where visibility-limited signal faces are used, signal faces shall be adjusted so
bicyclists for whom the indications are intended can see the signal indications. If the visibility-limited
signal faces cannot be aimed to serve the bicyclist, then separate signal faces shall be provided for the
On bikeways, signal timing and actuation shall be reviewed and adjusted to consider the needs of


Dave Clark said...

The California enactments have the force of law and require local governments to install bicycle sensitive devices to activate traffic signals. However, the major loophole is that this requirement is not implemented unless the "loop detector" is replaced. This will only occur if the street or intersection is torn up, modified, or changed in some way.

At my locale in Irvine, CA, there is major construction of the roadway going on, and the local city asserts that it is placing "video detectors" at the signals to see bicycles and motorcycles. This will probably be one of the very few intersections in the city to have these.


pkoonce said...

We've been conservative with video detection and have it at one intersection in the City. We find it hard to pick up people on bikes in the dark if their front lights aren't significant and the lighting isn't great.