Friday, October 15, 2010

Bikes Belong Visit to Portland

The day before my big trip the City had a visit from Bikes Belong, an organization that brings engineers, policymakers, and planners together to visit great cycling communities. Their visits have included travel to European cities and mostly small groups and this was their first visit to Portland with people from Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and another City I can't recall right now. The visit was lead off by Mia Birk and Lake McTighe on Sunday. Catherine Ciarlo, Roger Geller, and I lead the presentation.... and Roger and I gave the tour. You always learn something when you are sharing. On this visit there was City Councilor from Houston who wanted to learn about the horse project which I had seen before, but hadn't been tracking very much in the past year. I know that when the kids are grown I am going to take all of the plastic animals and share them with the community throughout Southeast Portland in my bid to share and Keep People Weird.
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