Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My ITE Resume

I was submitting an application to ITE for the National Young Consultant Award and thought I would copy this to the Blog. It seems like I am using this to document a few things. When writing proposals, I find I forget the activities I am involved in, so better to put them in more than one place.

Peter J. V. Koonce, P.E., is currently serving as Principal Investigator for the Traffic Signal Timing Manual project. He is the primary author of Chapter 2 of the Manual which deals with Policies and Processes similar to what is described in this paper. Peter is an active member of ITE, having recently served as the Local Arrangements Committee Chair for the highly successful District 6 Annual Meeting held in Portland, Oregon in July of 2007. He has served on National ITE Committees such as the Smart Growth Task Force and the Intelligent Traffic Signal Operations Committee and participated as a reviewer on the ITE Information Reports entitled: Improving the Pedestrian Environment through Innovative Transportation Design and Smart Growth Transportation Guidelines. He is looking forward to having his first article in the April issue of the ITE Journal published entitled: “Improving the Application of Transit Signal Priority Using the NTCIP 1211 Standard”. In the past, he was the Oregon Section Student Chapters Liaison, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster. He has also served District 6 as the Technical Editor for the WesternITE Newsletter. He is secretary of TRB Committee on Traffic Signal Systems and serves as chair of its Signal Timing subcommittee.

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