Sunday, August 19, 2007

Providence Bridge Pedal

What a great annual tradition! The Providence Bridge Pedal is one of my favorite Portland events. We rode with Dad and Chris and had an awesome time.

We got lucky that we started with the first groups because some of the traffic control was terrible and resulted in delays of more than an hour for some people. I emailed to volunteer, but haven't heard anything yet.

One of my favorite memories will be Abby on top of the Fremont Bridge saying that she wanted to be finished with the ride. We coaxed her to continue by offering rubber snakes and ice cream. When we asked what flavor she wanted she said in a very emphatic way.... Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I don't think I knew that she had ever had that before, so that was a bit of a surprise.

I was actually on the news because James was filming at the start line where the Bite is in progress and he was working with a cook to get people to come down to the Waterfront Park that afternoon for lunch or dinner. It is also the end of the ride.We made 15 miles on the day which was pretty good for both kids. A funny highlight was meeting Dave from Dave's Killer Bread we love that bread. Here are some great pictures:

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